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"Thank you very much for the course last week. I found it most enlightening and helpful. How you keep so focused and in the groove all week, I really don’t know. (Yes, I do – you practise what you preach). Now for the real feedback: today I scored my lowest round of golf since joining the club and won the competition. You were there!" -
Dave Small, Siemens VAI


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With the improvement in the WWW (World Wide Web), the general population who were extremely learned began deduction and afterward came up by developing the idea of these games which...

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Welcome to BB People Developers Ltd

Our aim is to help you achieve your vision and maximise profitability, through developing your most important resource –

We do this by:

  • first seeking to understand your specific needs
  • providing you with tailor-made solutions.

Why choose us?

"I viewed the Leadership Programme as a real intrusion into my work and social time and hence was reluctant to attend. All that changed! After attending the initial course, in contrast to virtually all the other courses I have been on, I very much wanted to attend the follow-up.  As a measure of our motivation, several of us flew back from the Middle East over the weekend in order not to miss it. As a result of the course, I can analyse situations better, and use existing and new techniques to get the desired results. A course to be recommended!".

Paul Sherman,  Manager, Siemens VAI.

Successful track record

Barbara Buffton, founder and director of BB People Developers Ltd., has been working Barbara Buffton - founder and director of BB People Developers  Ltd.successfully with a varied range of clients both in the UK and internationally for several years.

She has a large associate base to call upon to help you achieve your goals within the shortest possible time.

Her team of principal associates are experts in their own area and each also has their own well-established business.

Because of this, BB People Developers Ltd. can bring depth and breadth of experience to the table.

More than training and coaching!
Although BB People Developers Ltd. is primarily a training and development consultancy, we can offer you a gateway to more than that, given the team of highly skilled and experienced associates.

This means that management development does not automatically mean sending all your staff on the first training course that comes to mind – there can sometimes be a more innovative solution!

Here’s an idea of the kind of solutions you can access:

Assemble your own solutions package!

Because of the different skills offered by our team, you could have a package of different modules if appropriate, relating to your specific needs, managed by different members of the team. You could say we’re like a one-stop shop, with a link to experts willing and able to help.

What you get from us

  • Understanding by us of what is important to you – your business, your culture, your people and the challenges that you and they face. Only once we are clear about your specific needs, will we discuss possible solutions to achieve your agreed objectives.
  • Solutions which are practical and tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Satisfaction – check out the various testimonials
  • Results - whilst any training programme you take with us is itself important, we believe it's what people do as a consequence that is really important. Transferring learning back to the workplace is one of Barbara’s passions!
  • Stimulating and participative training courses - we believe that the more people experience things for themselves, the more they learn
  • Follow-up – we like to know if you’ve got what you wanted, so we will implement a process of evaluation with you.
  • International experience – not just from Barbara Buffton but from the whole associate team, from training and e-learning to coaching and business development (and many things in between!).
  • Free initial consultation – contact us now, you have nothing to lose!

Our passion is for excellence, quality and to work in partnership with our clients to maximise profitability

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“Some men see things as they are and ask why; others dream things that never were and ask why not.” - George Bernard Shaw
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