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“Good day. Gave some really useful suggestions to take back. Found it very productive.” - Lancashire County Council (time management)

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“For the wise man looks into space and he knows that there are no limited dimensions”
Lao Tse

BB People Developers are facilitators who will encourage and develop the managers and playmakers in your company to expand their perception about your business proposition, from vision through planning to application. We can offer customised training around a range of topics which will provide a strategy for success. However, we can also offer two standard programmes which can be tailored to two, three or four days.

Creating Business Growth comprises:

  • Assessing current performance

    Tools:   Business performance management techniques, knowledge    management, staff performance management, risk management.

  • Setting a vision for growth

    Tools:   Planning growth strategies including finance options, diversification, new product development and consolidation, visioning techniques.

  • Planning how to grow

    Tools:  Innovation in business, creating a marketing strategy, setting business targets, gathering and exploiting knowledge, using key performance indicators, quality management and 360 degree evaluation.

  • Leading staff through growth

    Tools:  Personal development plans, appraisal techniques, motivation.

Marketing for growth comprises:

  • Market analysis

    Tools:  SWOT, environmental scanning, market segmentation.

  • Marketing tactics

    Tools:  Website, promotional materials, customer base analysis, sales forecasting, sales campaigns, cost/benefit analysis.

  • Customer relations management

    This course is based around specific case studies provided by the company.

All business development and marketing training includes a pre-sessional visit to the company to assess needs and meet key staff. Our approach is results-driven and we also provide a post-session evaluation after 3 to 6 months at the company’s discretion.  But we also do the less obvious. The little things that matter, the big things that make the difference.

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Through our associate base, we can offer substantial experience in designing and delivering e-Learning and project management plans and solutions.

"The use of network technology to design, deliver, select, administer, support and extend learning."
(e-Learning Europe Conference, July 2000)

When you mix e-learning such as Internet or Intranet-based learning with traditional learning you can create a powerful learning environment known as “Blended Learning”.  Blended Learning enables organisations and individuals to achieve targeted learning by maximising:

  • Flexibility: match learning to every employee’s
    required competence needs.
  • Responsiveness: provide fast, effective deployment
    of mission critical skills.
  • Efficiency: lower the unit cost of learning development
    and delivery.
  • Customer Service: support your workforce to achieve continuous updating.

There are two modes of e-learning delivery. These include:

Synchronous Learning
The learner participates in training courses held in real time over the Internet or the Intranet. This is similar to traditional classroom teaching, except that participants in the Virtual classroom are not tied by geographical location.

Asynchronous Learning
Independent of time & place, the learner takes training courses held on a company network, the Internet, CD-ROM or through other media. This also includes WBT (Web Based Training).

The benefits of e-learning or blended leading to individuals, teams and organisations include:

Benefits (individual and team)

  • Facilitates a ‘bite-size chunks’ approach to learning.
  • Accelerates speed-to-competency
  • Improves individual & team productivity through collaborative learning.
  • Enables personalisation of ‘learning-space’ to match learner needs
  • Enables flexible routes to professional development :
    • APL (Accreditation Prior Learning)
    • Analysing skills gap in relation to learner objectives
    • Accreditation and certification (CPD, qualifications)
    • Tracking of learner profile and progression
    • Delivering the most appropriate route to meeting the learner objectives
    • Provides an uninhibited environment for communication and learning.

Benefits (organisation)

  • Condenses time taken for new staff induction/orientation
  • Facilitates rapid and targeted deployment of knowledge
  • Improves training logistics
  • Enables efficient administration and management of training
  • Integration of e-learning with enterprise wide applications
  • Enables a more cohesive environment for integrating and augmenting generic content with company-specific content
  • Facilitates capture of organisational knowledge in a structured manner
  • Supports different learning styles (auditory, visual, kinaesthetic)
  • Improves motivation, morale and results.

Today, there are many e-learning content development and presentation tools that are intuitive and will enable individuals and organisations to develop online presentations, courses, demos and tutorials rapidly. The tools also enable inter-operability and sharing by using common compliance standards.

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