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“This was an excellent course where Barbara took a different approach to leadership training. I suppose the outstanding thing for me was that I really thought I was going into just another leadership course and that I had nothing to learn. I was wrong.” - Nigel Solway, Employment Business Manager, Siemens VAI

Meet the team 

We have some great people working with us to help you achieve your goals.  All members of the team are experts in their own areas and also have their own companies, bringing a depth and breadth of experience to the team.

Barbara Buffton, founder and director of BB People Developers Ltd. Principal training consultant and performance coach, internationally experienced.
Cara Dymond, business promotion and marketing.
Professor Sa’ad Medhat  - e-learning, e-commerce and knowledge management expert.
Ashley Rowlands - business development, training consultant and marketing expert.
Harold Russell  - helps companies develop high performance working strategies and is a certified coach.
Wendy Sullivan – internationally experienced trainer and coach.
Ken Way – sports psychologist, international trainer and coach.
Louise Bjork-Mann – a value-driven change agent and facilitator.
Sarah Jefferies - a trainer, facilitator and coach.
Louise Rankin Høie - personal development and communication
Peter Munro-Lott MA MRAeS - leadership and strategic thinking

Barbara Buffton - founder and director of BB People Developers Ltd.

Barbara Buffton - founder and director of BB Associates Ltd.“Someone* once said I’m basically a translator – I translate the so-called soft people skills into hard business results.”

Barbara is an international training consultant, performance coach, linguist and published author.

She is a first-class communicator, specialising in maximising people’s potential.

Much of her experience (and her clients keep coming back for more) is with large multi-national and blue-chip companies, giving her familiarity of dealing with widely-varying cultures.


  • BA(Hons) in French & Linguistics

  • Post-graduate diploma in careers guidance

  • Certified performance coach

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master practitioner and trainer.

She has also been trained in accelerated learning techniques by Colin Rose (the UK expert in accelerated learning) and in Mindmapping™ by Tony Buzan.


Barbara is a published author and an editor. Publications include:
Follow Your Dream, Bookshaker 2005, previously published as Taking Control of Your Own Career, How To Books Ltd. 1999
Working for the Environment, How To Books Ltd. 1999
The Which? Guide to Choosing a Career, Which? Books Ltd. 1998
Career Moves, an information leaflet for adults for the BBC’s Learning Zone 1998

Barbara has also edited many career publications on behalf of the DfES, including the Working In… series, distributed to all schools and colleges.

In 2000, she was invited to be the Editorial consultant for the Reach for the Sky magazine (Sky TV).

She has written regularly for Fenman Train the Trainer series and is a prolific writer of useful articles.

*Tony Highland, Barclays Bank, used this analogy to describe what he does. I liked it!

Cara Dymond

Cara DymondCara is Barbara's partner in the Dorset Business Seminars venture, running Recession-Busting Business Seminars helping businesses not only survive but thrive in the economic downturn.

Cara has 16 years experience in the marketing and design industry and has worked with BB People Developers on a number of projects.

She takes a common sense approach to marketing and business, providing the best practical solutions to marketing projects.

Professor Sa'ad Medhat Professor Sa'ad Medhat PhD, MPhil, CEng, FIEE, FCIM, FCMI, MIoD

Sa’ad is our e-learning expert. He provides organisations with e-learning and knowledge management solutions to achieve bottom line improvements.

Sa’ad is a visiting professor at Bournemouth University, a member of the Bristol University Court and the former IBM professor of concurrent engineering. He also served as a founding director of the Engineering and Technology Board.

He has played a pioneering role with both the UK Government and the European Commission in the introduction of Technology and Knowledge Transfer and Innovation programmes for companies to improve their productivity and competitiveness (e.g. Microelectronic in Business, ESPRIT, SPRINT, Euro-Practice). He is actively involved with various DTI and DfES initiatives in providing advice on matters relating to Skills Development.

Ashley Rowlands

Ashley Rowlands Ashley has been in senior management positions in both the public and private sector for the last 20 years.

He was a specialist management trainer during the 1980s and has maintained an involvement in training since then.

His expertise is primarily in marketing and international business development, but he also has strong experience of working within government and NGOs. His training specialisms are around business planning and development, leadership and people management. Ashley is currently Managing Director of an international education and training consultancy and has directorships with an e-learning company and an engineering and technology research group.

Harold Russell

Harold RussellHarold has 30 years’ senior business experience in the UK and overseas, working extensively at the sharp end of business change, business start-ups, mergers and takeovers. 

In helping companies develop high performance working strategies, practices and ways of thinking so they can achieve exceptional and sustainable results, he works extensively with senior management teams in different industry sectors, and organisations of different sizes.

He is a certified performance coach, has spoken at international Human Resource conferences and City IT Forums, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and is an Investors in People UK Ambassador. His own company specialises in developing high performance organisations.

Wendy Sullivan

Wendy SullivanWendy is an internationally experienced trainer and coach. She and Barbara Buffton have worked together for many years. Everything that Wendy does is based on helping people to discover what works for them so that they can excel.

She has a background in Speech and Language Therapy and is a Certified NLP Trainer with extensive training in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling.

She works in the field of personal and professional development, offering coaching and training in advanced human-being skills, both for individuals and for companies/teams.

Ken Way

Ken WayKen is a highly experienced business coach and trainer.

As a sports psychologist, he brings a totally different perspective to the Associate team.

He works mainly with senior executives and elite sports-people - helping them achieve their own personalised version of 'peak performance'.

As an experienced trainer in a wide variety of human performance topics, he specialises in the creation of customised management development programmes.

Among his many sports successes he includes being the sports psychologist to professional football and rugby clubs and successful associations with British, European and World champions in a range of sports.

Louise Bjork-Mann

Louise Bjork-MannLouise describes herself as a proactive and value-driven change agent. She has extensive expertise in training and development, proven at both a strategic and operational level.

Her boldness and vision helps her to initiate new ideas and implement innovative approaches through strategic direction.

Her excellent communication and rapport building skills are underpinned by an enthusiastic and creative approach. People say she is an intuitive hands-on facilitator who values integrity and recognises people’s individual qualities.

Sarah Jefferies

Sarah Jefferies Sarah Jefferies has been working as a trainer, facilitator and coach for 15 years. Prior to that, she spent many years working in the Financial Services industry, in a variety of technical, leadership and consultancy roles. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Having achieved her first leadership role at the age of 20, she has plenty of experience and empathy to share when training and coaching managers. She works at all levels, developing business and interpersonal skills from customer service excellence training for front line staff through to 1:1 executive coaching. She works with a wide variety of organisations in both the public and private sector.

Sarah is licensed to use a number of development tools such as Situational Leadership, Team Management Systems, Strengths Deployment Inventory and Belbin

Louise Rankin Høie

Louise Rankin Høie Louise Rankin Høie graduated in Applied Linguistics and Language Pathology(B.A. Hons.) from Essex University in England, in Speech Therapy at the University of Bergen (2.avd.Masters Level) and in Coaching at Newcastle.

Before moving to Norway, Louise had 8 years experience from Canning School in London where she was a departmental leader of Business English Intensive Courses as well as being the sales representative for all management courses and course leader for the Nordic countries.

Since 1987 she has been running her own business within the field of personal development and communication mainly for the oil companies in Stavanger. In addition, for the last four years she has been lecturing at the University of Stavanger in Business English for Working Adults and in Presentation Techniques for PHD students, as well as running a thriving coaching business.

Peter Munro-Lott MA MRAeS

Peter Munro-Lott MA MRAeS Peter has 25 years of leadership, management and training within the Royal Navy, the aerospace industry and central government across Whitehall. He has worked globally and has contacts across the world but particularly in the Middle East, Indian Ocean area and North America.

His expertise is in leadership and strategic thinking. He has personal experience of devising and delivering training aimed firmly at improving capacity and potential. He is an innovative thinker, skilled at achieving diverse and sustainable solutions in the face of limited resources and tight timelines.

Peter is a firm believer that at the core of any thriving enterprise are people and communication; understanding those twin pillars will bring success.

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