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“The course taught me techniques to make me a more effective leader and highlighted the areas where I could improve. This has helped me greatly in my day-to-day duties. Barbara made the course interesting with a good mix of lecturing and participatory training. I would highly recommend this course (Leadership) and Barbara’s style of training in particular.” - Mick Goddard BSc CEng MIMechE, Senior Project Engineer, Siemens VAI


“My life, both personal and professional, is a constant negotiation.
Barbara Buffton's approach to negotiating skills is both conceptually
appealing and enormously practical.  And the roleplays provide the
setting for practicing and consolidating the ideas.  Barbara creates a
learning environment which ensures that the participants are able to try on different styles. I am now aware of them when I am in a negotiating situation and can draw on the tools we learned in order to create a successful outcome.”

Carol Simon
Global Head of Hedge Fund Credit, Credit Risk Management
Deutsche Bank, New York

“ A chance to truly reflect in a structured way about how the HR function could improve and in what specific areas.

A chance for individuals to consider their own personal learning requirements and frame these within a business/HR context.

A useful examination of some management and leadership tools that could be used to form part of the solution. ”

Doug Watkins
HR Director
Dept for Work and Pensions

“Just a few words to say how much I enjoyed your Leadership course and more importantly the benefits I have gained from a work and private life perspective.

I now focus much more on my team’s needs, such as motivation and in two cases, I have delegated additional responsibility, which has been a great success and given me personally a reduced work load = reduced stress level.

We still have a high workload as an engineering team, but I now feel that we are more flexible and are executing projects more efficiently in the timescales allowed.

Therefore, I would like to thank you and for any future training in Leadership, management, stress,  etc., I will definitely agree to attend your courses.”

Steve Cannister
Senior Civil Co-ordination Engineer
Siemens VAI

"Barbara and Wendy have provided very valuable training interventions to the Business and Sales Teams within Zurich over the last few years.

The Sales Managers have been taken through the practical and emotional aspects of coaching and developing their teams.  This has seen a very positive impact on our sales results and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Our emphasis has been on optimising sales results achieved through others and Barbara and Wendy have helped us enormously in achieving this objective.

I would unhesitatingly recommend the services of Wendy and Barbara."

Joe Murphy
Sales and Risk Management Director
Zurich Municipal

"I found the one to one coaching sessions with Barbara incredibly beneficial, at a time when I was unsure about a number of areas in my life.

Barbara has given me the ability to stand outside myself and see things in a completely different way.  I have learned how to really see problems as challenges, and to look at things from other people's perspective.  All this has freed me up to put more energy into my role at work and given me a new viewpoint on my personal life.

Barbara truly is inspirational and also has an incredible sense of humour.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs help getting their lives together."

June Hurst, PR Manager
Siemens VAI

“I was personally very impressed with Barbara’s training delivery. She came across as not only knowledgeable but friendly and professional. She is on our list of preferred suppliers for relevant training delivery.”

Zoe Sweeting, Learning and Development Advisor
Alstom Power

“Barbara has the ability to lead discussions with wise words with which one can change one's life.”

Richard Cotton
Alstom Power

“Having used Barbara's services for several years, I find her training delivery style and adaptability to be first rate. With our delegates ranging from shopfloor supervisors to senior management, she has never failed to leave a positive impression.  Furthermore, her international exposure when training different cultures overseas is invaluable to a global company like ours.”

Julian Webber, HR Development Manager
Alstom Power

Barbara is a such an enthusiastic and thought-provoking facilitator and trainer. She has an excellent ability to attend to detail, and systematically leads delegates to the root of the problems or the most significant part of the learning. She also has a special ability to bring a sense of fun and curiosity to each session. Highly recommended
Edward Beckmann

Your coaching has helped me with the way I communicate. I have no hesitation in recommending you.
Danny Mwasandube

I have found Sarah and Barbara to be a highly professional and responsive consultancy team. They listen to our requirements and make sure they are clear on exactly what it is we want. Not only do we get what we asked for, they are also giving us what we need. They are not afraid to make broader recommendations if they believe it will contribute to a successful result. They keep us informed as the project develops and constantly seek feedback along the way. I get a real sense from them that our project is their project and they are as equally committed to a successful outcome.

Catherine Birch, Learning & Development Manager
JLT Management Services

I've been working with Barbara for a number of years. Initially working with my team helping them to think through business and personal issues that were getting in the way of excellent performance. More recently Barbara has been helping me as a personal coach, taking my business from a start up in 2004 to one with a healthy six figure income. I value her sensible, no nonsense approach to addressing issues. And it really works!

Rachel Coventry, Director of Naked Eye, Business Change Communications Specialist
Department for Communities and Local Government

Barbara is a dedicated and tenacious seeker of excellence in all her fields of work. She is a pleasure and inspiration to work with.

Louise Rankin, Consultant Trainer,
Communication Skills Consultancy

Barbara brings a refreshing level of enthusiasm and energy into her work and a clear focus to deliver what we wanted.

Ned Skelton, Director at
Clean Coaching Company Ltd
(Learning & Devt Manager at British Energy at the time)

I would like to recommend Barbara for her integrity, professionalism and the enlightening manner in which she delivers her training.

Ken Bushby, Fluids Engineering Manager for Aluminium
Siemens VAI MT

Barbara is one of the contributing expert authors to an online product for managers we have developed. She did a really professional job for us and her skill as a wordsmith left our editor with little to do. The material was produced on time and as agreed. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would work with Barbara again without hesitation.

Paul Matthews, Managing Director,
People Alchemy Ltd.

Barbara knows people well and understands business and gets to the point of what your employees and business needs - she also likes lists!

Stuart Woodward, Managing Director of

Barbara has provided my colleagues and I with strategic coaching to develop detailed insights into our business and also skill specific training on making presentations, successful negotiations and similar topics. Excellent trainer, honest and insightful and great at herding cats...

Richard Bailey, Director,

I have worked with Barbara many times as a co-facilitator on development programmes and experiential learning workshops. I would heartily recommend you to work with her at the earliest opportunity. Barbara is such a warm and generous colleague with a unique blend of unusual approaches and an absolute wealth of experience. Work with her now to learn a lot more about yourself than you ever knew before.

Glenn Briggs, Lead Facilitator, Programme Design, Operations Manager,
Vision Development Training Ltd

The workshop (Coping with Uncertainty) helped me with useful tips to make a positive mindshift to approach change and uncertainty as potential for opportunity and creativity. Thank you very much. I found it all extremely beneficial.

Christina Chow

Barbara's personal coaching has been extremely benefical to me, increasing my confidence and delivery in and out of work and through this increasing my energy levels. I liked the different and alternative approaches to situations so I could pursue the one that suited me best. Ever impressed by Barbara's ability to summarise points coherently and concisely and by the support she provided. I have no hesitation of recommending Barbara as a personnel coach.I am still using a number of the techniques I learnt through our sessions so they have stuck.

Clare Freeman

Thank you too, for such a 'spot-on' day yesterday. I've received tremendous feedback (all very positive). People are still referring to, and quoting from, the event - a great success! You hit just the right note and people who were a bit anxious about attending all made a point of letting me know that they not only enjoyed the day but found it extremely useful too. Once again my grateful thanks for doing such a brilliant job.

Jan Walker, Head of Community Learning Service,
Bath & North East Somerset Council

I engaged Barbara to coach me in developing my life goals / plans when faced with deciding on my next career move. Barbara was an excellent listener and provided some really good challenges / different perspectives to help me think differently about my life plans.

Jamie Macgregor

We enjoyed the day very much as it was very informative, interactive and kept our attention till the very end. Also we were not afraid to ask questions from you, which was good.

Yasir Siraj, Graduate,
Alstom Power

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