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“I would say the course (negotiation skills) was a success and has made a difference.” - Sean Carter, Siemens VAI

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Secrets of influencing and building relationships

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

This course uses personal feedback and the modelling and practice of behavioural skills to provide a thorough understanding of personal styles of influence. The programme is designed to increase the range of influencing skills of all participants.

Sample content

  • Understand current strengths as an influencer, and where to usefully focus to accelerate your influencing strength.
  • Understand impact and personal presence at work.
  • Be able to use a wider range of influencing styles and behaviours.
  • Recognise different communication styles.
  • Understand potential barriers to interpersonal communication.
  • Understand how to gain co-operation, trust and commitment to build long-term relationships.
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Successful negotiating

To enable participants to conduct profitable negotiations and build successful long-term business relationships.

Sample content

  • Manage the negotiation process more effectively and speedily.
  • Manage intransigence and apply techniques to overcome deadlock.
  • Interpret other people’s non-verbal signals and react to them appropriately.
  • Understand how cultural differences affect behaviours during negotiation.
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Reducing absence

To increase work effectiveness and productivity.

Sample content

  • Why bother with absence management?
  • Hidden costs and scope of the problem
  • Finding out the root causes
  • Managing the process (putting statistics to work)
  • Line manager’s responsibilities
  • Strategies to increase attendance and reduce costs
  • Motivating employees
  • Implications of assumptions made
  • Conducting a successful Return to Work interview
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Recruit the right people (interviewing)

To provide participants with the knowledge and skills to successfully plan and conduct interviews with greater competence to help ensure that poor candidates (whether by virtue of their skills, knowledge or personal attributes) are quickly identified and eliminated from the selection process - so that only the best candidates are selected.


  • Understand the most productive structure for the interview.
  • Understand the impact of relevant employment legislation.
  • Build rapport quickly and easily to put candidates at ease.
  • Analyse CVs more effectively.
  • Demonstrate objective questioning, listening and assessment skills.
  • Elicit useful information to assist in the selection process.
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Managing performance

Spock was wrong. Feelings do matter – emotions play a part in motivating people to do better. This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to plan and conduct more effective performance management appraisal meetings, in order to increase employee motivation and performance and reduce performance problems.

Sample content

  • Tools and techniques to motivate and inspire better performance.
  • Empower individuals to achieve their goals more consistently.
  • Ensure that individuals’ goals are aligned to corporate aims.
  • Build upon the strengths of team members and address under-performance.
  • Give quality feedback.
  • Customise your approach to each individual within the team.
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Making change work for you

To explore ways that people can manage change so that they are able not only to survive the change but also to thrive on it and be even more successful.

Sample content

  • To build higher morale
  • To improve working relationships
  • To overcome resistance
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of the issues associated with change
  • To provide individuals with the skills and techniques needed to thrive on change, rather than just surviving it.
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The aim of this course is to provide new mentors and mentees with an insight into their roles of mentor and to give them tools to develop their practical skills to succeed.

Sample content

  • What is mentoring
  • How it differs from coaching and counselling
  • Essential skills
  • Examples of successful mentoring
  • The demands mentoring makes on mentors and mentees
  • What’s in it for you
  • How to know if it is working for mentor and mentee
  • Exploring options if it isn’t working
  • Concluding the mentoring relationship

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