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“Barbara has plenty of work experience and theory to draw from, and one particularly beneficial aspect …. is her ability to provide a certain amount of flexibility within the basic content structure.… underlines the confidence and spontaneity Barbara brings to the training situation – being quite at ease to tackle real issues than sticking purely with text book and theory.” -    David Moxley, Technical Manager - Carbon Steel, Siemens VAI (Leadership course)

Leadership and management

Grow your own leaders

To develop the skills, knowledge and associated behaviours required to lead and organise highly effective teams, with the emphasis on leadership, communication and motivation.

Sample content

  • Secrets of successful leaders
  • Leadership styles and characteristics
  • Difference between leading and managing a team
  • Demonstrate effective feedback
  • Understand the stages of group development
  • Identify different ways to motivate self and individuals.
  • Introduction to coaching and feedback
  • Develop key skills needed to be a coach
  • Creating a success environment
  • Skills practice
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Manager as coach

To introduce participants to the principles of coaching, so that they can empower their own people to deliver high quality performance. It also has an element on self-coaching so that team leaders can also enhance their own future performance. Participants will be able to practise using a simple coaching model on one of their own work-related issues or goals.

Sample content

  • Convey with conviction to team members an awareness of the importance of coaching to personal performance and the success of the team and of the company.
  • Empower individuals to achieve their targets more consistently.
  • Ensure real ownership by individuals of their targets.
  • Customise your approach to each individual within the team.
  • Draw on tools and techniques to motivate and inspire.
  • Build upon the strengths of team members and address perceived weaknesses.
  • Remove blockages to the optimal performance of members of your team.
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Motivate your team

“We have an eye on a person's impact on other people, their ability to motivate and encourage.” Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco (Britain’s most admired business leader)

To provide an overview and awareness of the key skills and knowledge required to lead and organise highly effective teams, with the emphasis on motivation.

Sample content

  • Build an effective team: understand the stages of team development; gain an insight into the acquired characteristics and management style for each stage.
  • Manage the team effectively; understand effective management styles, role of a team manager and team player; gain insight into the concept of team roles.
  • Motivate the team: identify the role of the team leader in managing team development needs.
  • Create the right environment for success
  • Use a simple coaching model.
  • Encourage better performance and address poor performance.
  • Fully incorporate new team members into an existing team.
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Dealing with difficult people/conflict

To increase the range of behavioural skills when faced with disagreement or conflict. The programme investigates a variety of ways of handling difficult people and/or conflict situations – exploring the potential for alternative, and perhaps more appropriate, responses.

Sample content

  • Understand some key causes of conflict in the workplace.
  • Understand typical ways of handling conflict situations and explore the potential for alternative responses.
  • Identify the destructive and constructive nature of conflict.
  • Explore key persuasion techniques in typical disagreement/conflict situations.
  • Enhance verbal and non-verbal skills for quickly building an empathic response.
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Project management basics

This programme provides an overview and awareness of the key fundamentals of project management.

 Sample content
  • Discuss the advantages of the project management approach to problem-solving, decision-making and managing change.
  • Outline a systematic, structured and integrated approach to project management.
  • Recognise key project management concepts, processes, tools and techniques.
  • Identify strategies to minimise risk and avoid common faults in project management.
  • Understand and be able to use a step-by-step approach to problem solving.
  • Employ a number of techniques for generating ideas, creating options and making decisions.
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Helping people learn faster

Accelerated learning techniques are used to present a whole system of learning, together with many individual tools and techniques that allow the most benefit to be made from training time and resources.
The course is an opportunity for you to focus on your own personal development as a tutor/presenter.

Sample content

  • Use the knowledge of how the brain works (how we learn) in effective and creative training and presentation design
  • Apply methods to tap into your creative abilities (and use them in the design and delivery of presentations and training programmes)
  • Facilitate greater learning by accommodating different learning styles
  • Control your own, and influence the learners’ state/mood
  • Give and receive multi-level feedback
  • Explain the importance of the review cycle for memory retention and identify a minimum of 15 memory strategies for long-term retention of material
  • Identify and apply the six stages of accelerated learning
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Mastering the art of powerful engagement

This course helps managers:

  • Engage more effectively with team, colleagues and stakeholders
  • Take personal responsibility to lead change
  • Communicate more confidently and effectively
  • Turn conflict into cooperation
  • Lead and motivate their teams to succeed.

It is designed as a modular programme allowing managers to explore and develop the key skills associated with effective and efficient leadership and people management. It does this through a balanced combination of participative and experiential activities (both indoors and outdoors), practical skill development, reflective practice and trainer input.

Module 1 – First steps to success
Leadership, communication and conflict management

Module 2 – The power of language
Influencing, motivating and coaching

Module 3Team, task and individual
High performing teams, delegation, constructive criticism and achievable goal-setting (going beyond SMART)

In between modules, there is time for assimilation and putting into practice the skills learnt, plus an opportunity to provide support to each other through a buddying system.  Each module addresses any issues arising from putting theory into practice. The emphasis is very much on transferring the learning into the workplace and long-term retention.

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“It is easier to be wise for others than for ourselves.” - Francois De La Rochefoucauld

"This is a great programme. It is really moving us forward as a team. The subjects we are covering are really supportive of the change work I am doing. The impact is noticeable." -
Jacquie Heany, Corporate HR Directorate, Dept for Work & Pensions

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