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“Simple. Very good. Can I come again? Normally our training course content is at best average. However, today in my opinion, is first rate.” - Bob Scuffell, Dell (Presentation skills)

Win more business

Sell more successfully

Sample content

  • Tune into the mindsets of clients
  • Learn how to influence behaviour
  • Words that change minds
  • Planning
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Getting to yes
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Put your customers first

Sample content

  • The ‘why, what and who’ of customer service
  • What makes the difference? (between good/bad/exceptional customer care)
  • Importance of language and listening skills
  • Dealing with all types of customer
  • Success comes in ‘cans’ (attitude is everything)
  • Perception is reality (why the customer is right)
  • Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes
  • TOTAL CARE checklist
  • The WOW! factor (how to go the ‘extra mile’)
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Successful negotiating

To enable participants to conduct profitable negotiations and build successful long-term business relationships.

Sample content

  • Manage the negotiation process more effectively and speedily.
  • Manage intransigence and apply techniques to overcome deadlock.
  • Interpret other people’s non-verbal signals and react to them appropriately.
  • Understand how cultural differences affect behaviours during negotiation.

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